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Red Frog Island Beach Marina

From our Panama Marina you can spend time exploring the pristine beaches of Bocas del Toro and the towering rainforest preserve at Red Frog. The islands in 
Bocas del Toro in Panama offer everything you need to relax. The 825 foot walkway floats out into a picturesque bay with mangrove scenery and rainforest backdrop all around. We can berth boats up to 300 feet along the walkway.

The ecology of Bastimentos Island is one of true beauty and represents yet another advantage for the Red Frog Island Beach Marina. There are multiple hiking trails, snorkeling spots, hidden beaches, cave systems, and even sea turtle nesting sites within an hour hike of the marina. With these natural amenities, our marina clients have multiple options to choose from and will not have to leave the site to find their next adventure.

The location of this Panama Marina in the mangrove coves of Isla Bastimentos provides substantial shelter from the elements. Boats are protected from strong winds and storms due to the naturally enclosed nature of the marina. This results in water that is calm and glassy, and in addition, the mangroves act as a natural filter which purifies the water around the marina and makes for high visibility. Isla Bastimentos is part of a National Marine Park and this Bocas del Toro Marina will rival the most picturesque boat destinations around the world

Things to see and do

When the Bocas del Toro archipelago separated from the mainland about 8,000 years ago, a distinctive, lush ecosystem was born, destined to become the “Galapagos of the Caribbean.” With a world-wide phenomenon in our namesake, Red Frogs (and their color variations), to extensive coral reefs and mangroves, we were clearly not the first to be charmed by the brilliant surroundings. Panama dedicated over 13,000 hectares of land and water on and around Isla Bastimentos as the country’s first National Marine Park. The boundaries protect over 1/3 of our island plus much of the water around us for irreplaceable coral reefs, endangered sea turtles, exotic animals, reptiles and colorful birds. The Isla Bastimentos region’s biodiversity attracts professional photographers, Smithsonian researchers, birders, biologists and other nature enthusiasts from around the world.

Uncover stunning beaches and bright blue morphobutterflies. Witness the monkeys swing from treetop to treetop and the abundant flora and fauna that has been blooming here for centuries. Find yourself at a hidden waterfall, a lagoon with turquoise water or a rainforest trail leading to a pristine natural world.
It’s about opening our minds to inspiring surroundings, and discovering a life-changing vacation.

Since 1502, there are travelers that recorded their discovery and adventures on Isla Bastimentos and Bocas del Toro. Seeing monkeys, birds and strawberry frogs in their primary rainforest habitat, swimming with sunfish in ancient coral beds, and polishing up skills on a surfboard or in a kayak, or just soaking in the vistas, there's always something to do.
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